With Great Guinea Pigs Comes Great Responsibilities!

One of our many pets at the school is Brownie the Guinea pig. All of the kids love brownie, they especially love to take him out of his cage after work time. Brownie is a great addition to our classroom, since he teaches the children responsibility.


Each week one child gets assigned to give the Guinea pig food and water. Everyday they must take care of him and remember to  look after him. The child has to learn the responsibilities of having a pet. This is plays in well with our goal of making all of the children responsible and independent. The kids have to be self-accountable for getting out their homework and doing their very best.

All of the kids love taking care of Brownie!

Teaching children responsibility from an early age is very important. It helps them to learn to do things for themselves. If a child isn’t responsible it’s going to be hard to trust them to do things for themselves. As children grow the need for responsibility grows, so it’s good to give them chores and obligations at an early age to get them ready for the future.


Taking care of Brownie is a great way to covertly teach the children about being accountable for their actions, plus the whole time they have great fun. Watching over brownie helps the children learn and grow in an enjoyable way.

brownie 2

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