IPADS and Tablets Only used as teaching tools once in a blue moon.

We use technology in very FEW instances when we can harness it’s power and use it to our advantage.

Mental Math Speed Challenge: Math Application for practicing Math Facts done on iPad tablets mounted on the wall.

  • We mount our tablets on the wall so we can monitor what the kids are doing at all times, standing up and using the tablets helps them focus and allows us to watch them work on their math
  • Practices Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Mixed Equations by level (beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert)
  • Captures kids attention and helps them memorize foundational math facts
  • Breaks habit of counting on fingers
  • Sets them up for success as they reach later elementary and need these facts quickly for multiple digit addition and subtraction, long multiplication, long division, etc
  • Scores recorded and celebrated when students beat levels, master new types of equations in our Mental Math Speed Challenge

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