What Parents Are Saying…

"We are very lucky to have Third Law in our Community"

I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you all for working with our kids and putting so much effort in the things that you do. Although I really can't interpret Parker's grades as clearly, Devon, Alexis and Dawson all had straight A's (Parker was up there too). Additionally, Alexis and Devon both scored 5's in the state assessment.

We know Roberto does not put much merit on County/State assessments and grades, but it certainly makes us feel really good knowing that our kids are excelling in their school work and your team is certainly a big part of that.

Our never-ending gratitude goes to you, Roberto, Mila, Joe, Joey and Noah for making this achievable and being such great role models for them to follow. We are very lucky to have Third Law in our Community (truly one of the best kept secrets)!!!

Billy and Robin

"I was so pleased with her improvements with sight words alone on her report card, now at 3 from a 2..."

She is doing so well and advancing this month alone beautifully! I was so pleased with her improvements with sight words alone on her report card, now at 3 from a 2!!I really want to work on her writing and reading more. She loves math too. Her listening is improving on the first request and she is getting better at not being sassy or talking back.

She was writing a short story about love two nights ago- she wrote about Me and then her next question/phrase was that Master Roberto loves her – I need to see the final piece for your wall. I am and will always be forever grateful to all of your team.

Adriana C. Kinn

"he has improved to 3.5 which is 3rd grade level..."

I was talking with Roberto just a few days ago about Tyler’s acedemic status and I wanted to give you this update. Beginning of this 2nd grade school year they tested his reading level and it was 1.9 which was not at the level he should be for 2nd. Yesterday we recieved his first progress report of this year which shows that he has improved to 3.5 which is 3rd grade level and at 92% above average (see attached). This is great news to see that he has improved so much in a short time! We are proud of him and greatly appreciate all of the support he gets from you all at Third law!

I think he still need to focus on reading and writing especially but we would love to see him continue improve in all catergories. I will do better at communicating with you all his progress as we continue through the school year. His teacher did comment on his report card that “Tyler often rushes through his work sacrificing quality for speed.” So we are working on slowing down and taking time on school work. Feel free to call me or Jason anytime to discuss.

Sabrina McCabe

“Roberto and the school make my life as a parent 100 times easier.”

Hi , my name is David Dragonici my son Eli has been a student at Third Law for a few years now. We love Master Roberto we love Coach Formica we love the school and everything that they do. For example right now I’m not actually at a fish store or an aquarium Im in the school Roberto loves to make sure that kids have the nicest environments possible. And they have the best coaches and trainers possible. The ultimate goal is to try to help the kids develop as much as possible into not only be the best athletes in Naples but also the best students Eli has been not only in the BJJ class he has also done Muay Thai, boxing he has been and is in the Black Belt Club and next month will be in the Masters Club. He has attended the summer camp program and he is attending the after school program right now. Eli loves coming here, it’s hard for me to get him to leave. Everyday after school when I come to pick him up he always asks to stay more. He has so much fun with the kids and coaches. For me there are some things that I love about the school itself and the programs that Master Roberto runs. I have had Eli in a standard after school program from school and run into problems where Eli has been in altercations with other students at the normal after school program at Seagate were 4th graders picked on him. The staff are basically kids that are not really looking to watch out after Eli. So when I choose the after school program here at THird Law I absolutely love it cause they pick up kids from school, they work with them on their home work, they make sure all their home work is done and work with them on their extra curricular activities. They give them extra rading book and extra learning books to work on. Roberto has set up a go getters club where the kids that advance and show the most development get to go to room where they train even more, work harder, play chess, they have educational games on the iPad. Everything that Roberto does there and the staff is for the growth of the children both for the physical and mental state and I just don’t anything but good words to say about the school and the staff. And I recommend this place to everybody that i talk to. Thank you very much for establishing this business and taking care of us.

One other things that I love that didn’t mention is that with kids taking iPads to school and tablets the biggest issue is kids getting on the internet. I work in IT and the internet is not a safe place for children. Roberto is doing something that no other martial arts school that i know of in the this area that is taking these steps to protect their kids. Roberto is putting in a Firewall that filters content to avoid children ending up on a website or some place they are not supposed to be. Its going to filter google searches, bing searches for content so you never have to worry. As a parent the biggest fear is that something is going to happen to my kid. And I know a Third Law I never have that issue. They pick up my kid from school, they work with him. The environment is safe they have staff that are always watching out and helping them that are very good. And honestly myself as a parent Roberto and the school make my life as a parent 100 times easier. And that I get to spend time with my kids at home because when I get home all their learning and all their extra stuff is done which leaves family time, time for us to bond, we play games and it’s all thanks to Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Its one thing to go to a martial arts school and okay, “ step, kick, step, kick. And another thing to go somewhere where the kid can run around be out playing with another kid their grabbing toys, talking about jiu jitsu, their talking about moves, their talking about home work. You know they are keeping themselves engaged and they have so much fun doing it.

He’s got a ping pong table he’s got a air hockey table, all kinds of super heroes. The stuff that Roberto has here he make the kids….growing up that stuff that made me learn where the things that go me actively engaged in doing things like. Even playing pool taught me about angles, playing ping pong taught me flexibility. Without even knowing the kids are absorbing all this. What I love about Roberto and Katy they are very educated. They know the child’s brain develops and learns and picks up stuff from all around the environment that that child is in. Everything her is social the kids get along well together they play together they share. I mean there are brain teasers, brain quest, board games, pokemon card; Roberto bought Pokemon cards, be blades. The kids they have an environment where they just play together they can be kids they can enjoy life. And really that is what it is all about. If the kid is happy and learning they are always growing without having to ever tell them do this or do that. They are actively engaging the child. It’s a great school! That’s all I can say. I sum it up with a couple of words, “Third Law is Awesome. That is it!

David Dragonici

"...with your help, I have no doubt we will pull him through."

I wanted to send you a thank you for all you did yesterday with Max and his writing, and spelling. As you know he is a little (O.K… a lot) behind in this department, but with your help, I have no doubt we will pull him through…..

We appreciate this effort on your part. Max will have to keep fighting. He comes home and Corey is doing another couple hours of work with him at the house, but without your help, I don’t see how we would get enough work done.

Of course when I am home, I work with him as well. I can not believe the amount of time “studying” takes with a second grader. Hearing from someone besides us as to how important this is, is extremely important as well. Something seems to have snapped in him yesterday. Corey is very excited. He was proud of his progress…

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks and keep up the good work. Thanks KATY, MASTER ROBERTO, RACHEL & COACH JOE and JOEY!!!!

Keith Walton

“I cannot thank you enough for all the extra help given to Max yesterday with his schoolwork.”

Keith, Max & I cannot thank you enough for all the extra help given to Max yesterday with his schoolwork.Last evening Max & I were able to practice his Spelling & Sight Words, do his Reading Response Writing in his Journal & he read 2 of his Guided Reading books to me. We had a great evening together.Thanks to you all & Max feeling as if his learning is starting to “click”. Max will not require this much attention for long. I know he will grasp these new assignments fairly quickly. Just wanted to thank you so very much for all that you are doing in helping him with his progress.

Many thanks again.

Corey Walton

“No Video Games They Are More Involved Hands On”

My name is Bill Ivan, we live here in Naples, and this is three of my four children. Two are in Third Law, they are doing the Jiu Jitsu program, they are doing the After School Program and they are also doing the Summer Camp Program.

I grew up with discipline. I grew up with martial arts, and I’m just a firm believer in structure. My son Devon is a yellow belt and my daughter Lexi just started and she’s a white belt, and they both get a lot of structure from the program.

We love the After School Program. Master Roberto, Coach Katy, Coach Joe, Coach Peter, Coach Rachel do a great job of making them get their homework done, making sure they have a lot of fun and also doing some Jiu Jitsu in the mean time.

For us, the After School Program in Collier County system was more about playing video games – really no structure. Here, no video games, they’re more involved with hands on. Obviously, they get their homework done. There are some many different facets that you all offer, but for the Jiu Jitsu is more of the discipline that my daughter might not hear it. Its more of the structure, For After school both Roberto and Katy are Ivy League students – graduates and to having my kids tutored is a huge plus for us.

Bill Ivan

“We love Team third law after school program!”

We love Team third law after school program! It's been 3 years since my daughter has attended and since then she has only A's and is already studying advanced content for her grade in the after school program! 100% recommended !!!

Vanessa Bueno

“The staff is awesome, your kids will love this place!”

We love, love, love this program!! Such great structure and guidance for the kids, plenty of fun activities too! The staff is awesome, your kids will love this place!

Crystal Burling

“The staff is great and they provide an AWESOME environment for children.”

The staff is great and they provide an AWESOME environment for children. The kids are not only well watched after, but their time spent is productive and are taught good values.

Mack Beller

“Team Third Law's after school program is amazing.”

Team Third Law's after school program is amazing. The kids are always getting ahead of the academic race with their peers and having fun staying active!

Noah Langmade

“The team at Third Law is a throw-back to the values of the past. Do yourself a favor and check it out!”

When my son was 3, we met the most well-mannered, athletic boys at Bounce. When I asked them where they were from, they proudly stated “Team Third Law”. My son now does ju jitsu, after-school and summer camp at Third Law. My child is learning how to work hard - play hard. He is learning how to lose, get back up and strive for greatness. The team at Third Law is a throw-back to the values of the past. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Kelly Anderson

“It has become our second home. I highly recommend you give it a try.”

We love Third law After School Program. Master Roberto, Coach Katy, Coach Joe, Coach Joey and Coach Noah are very hands on with the kids. This isn't the typical mindless after school. It is very structured. Homework gets done along with extra learning books. My son has excelled beyond belief since starting there. They set the kids up for success in the future. My son attends after school, summer camp and jujitsu classes. It has become our second home. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Robert Burd

“Roberto, Katy and staff run one of the best programs here in Naples.”

Roberto, Katy and staff run one of the best programs here in Naples. A rough experience six years ago, at another after school program, caused us to venture out to try and find something better - thankfully we found Third Law!!!! All four of our children excel in their respective grades well above the average. Just recently, our oldest son was recognized by the Rotary for his academic excellence and we largely attribute his accomplishment due to his hard work and Third Law...

William Ivan