Winners of the Go-Getter Race!

Our famous Go-Getters Race is our great way to encourage children to be passionate about academics. The children each have their name up on the wall followed by a number corresponding to how many pages that they have completed in their Brain Quest curriculum workbooks. The way the Go-Getters Race works allows the younger children to be competitive with the older kids because their ranks are determined by how many pages that they have done in total, not necessarily what grade book that you are on. Our children work very hard and some of them even managed to finish the entire book for their grade before the year was over, so they worked ahead to get a leg up on the competition.


Last year’s Race competitors worked very hard and three children stood out from the rest. Our top three Go-Getters from last year were Jack, Lexi and Matt. These children are notable for their hard work and dedication to academics.

Naples After Care and Martial Arts: Jack gets second place

Little Jack is proud of his Third Place finish in our Go Getter after school program

In third place is Jack, a boy who was in Kindergarten. He is one of the most polite and hardworking young boys I’ve ever met. He is a delight to have in the school because he seeks to help others and to help them to learn and grow. He did many pages of work over the course of the year, finishing the Kindergarten book and almost completing the First grade book as well. We’re very proud of Jack and his great achievement.

Naples After School and Martial Arts: Lexi gets second place in the Go-Getters Race

Lexi celebrating her second place award for the After School Go-Getters Race.

In second place is Lexi, a little girl who was in Kindergarten last year. She, along with her two other brothers in our program, is from a family that places focus on the worlds of both academia and athletics. Lexi is a bubble of energy and s full of passion and excitement for everything that she does. When she first started in our After School Program she struggled a lot with reading and sight words as many kindergartens do. With her, our main focus was to improve her reading significantly. After lots of practice and learning, things began to click. As she began to understand reading more she grew super excited about it and wanted to read and do her workbook in all of her spare time. When her father would come to pick her up, she’d run up and say “Look at all of the books that I read today, Daddy!” We are so happy with her and all of her hard work and improvement.

Third Law Martial Arts and After School: Matt winds the Go Getter Race

We are very proud of all of our Go-Getters for their hard work and dedication.

Finally, in First Place is Matt! Even though he was only a first grader last year, he managed to surpass all of the older children in the Go-Getters Race. Matt is a great kid who is always enthusiastic and full of energy. He is very eccentric and extroverted with many friends in our program, but when its work time, he flips a switch and gets to work. During work time he is focused and has told us many times how much he enjoys learning new things. He would frequently skip play time and continue on with his workbook; this behavior led to him completing a ton of work – not just the First Grade book but also the Second, Third and half of the Fourth grade workbooks! He did all of this in the course of one school year! Matt is one of our hardest workers and we are proud to call him our top Go-Getter!



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