The Student of the Week – Matt!

We are proud to be Naples best after school program and we are providing even more evidence towards that fact. All of our children here work very hard on their academics. We strive for everybody to get perfect scores on their work and give their all.

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It’s the second week of school for our county – we already have our first student that was awarded student of the week from their school. Matt, a second grader, was given the prize for his great work in academics and his exemplary attitude.


Only one student per class per week will be given student of the week. It’s a very big deal for the children. It makes them so proud and excited; for example, Matt ran in from the pick-up van and exclaimed “I got student of the week!” with a face that was beaming with excitement.

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Each of our children tries very hard to behave well in school and to get good marks from their teachers. We want the children to be proactive and to be Go-Getters in life, and being a Go-Getter means several things one of which is being focused and hardworking in school. Doing your very best in school is a great example of how if a child applies themself how they can achieve anything that they want.


Another important aspect of being a Go-Getter is acting appropriately and with proper manners where ever they are whether it be at school, home or anywhere in between. Politeness is important and is something many children lack now days, here at Naples best summer camp all of our students have to raise their hand to speak, say please if they want something. If a child responds to a coach it is always with a “yes ma’am” or “yes sir”, because it instills in the child that respecting authority is important and keeps you out of trouble. Behavioral issues are changed and corrected as children learn how to interact correctly with peers and adults.



We are very proud of Matt; he is one of our top Go-Getters at the school. He is only in the second grade, but since he works so hard he is currently working on fourth grade academics. A true Go-Getter, he would frequently do his work book instead of playing so that he could get ahead in the Go-Getters Race. Matt isn’t all academics though, like all of our kids we encourage them to be well-rounded. He is in our Black Belt Club Jiu Jitsu program and he loves training. Matt has a blast grappling, and he fights hard to be the best in all aspects of his life.

We are super proud of Matt and his hard work!

It is our goal to develop many children like Matt and others. We want to help your child to achieve all that they can. Here at Team Third Law After School Program, we truly want them to get a head start in life. Our children excel in not just Jiu Jitsu and athletics but also in academics.

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