“Roberto and the school make my life as a parent 100 times easier.”

Hi , my name is David Dragonici my son Eli has been a student at Third Law for a few years now. We love Master Roberto we love Coach Formica we love the school and everything that they do. For example right now I’m not actually at a fish store or an aquarium Im in the school Roberto loves to make sure that kids have the nicest environments possible. And they have the best coaches and trainers possible. The ultimate goal is to try to help the kids develop as much as possible into not only be the best athletes in Naples but also the best students Eli has been not only in the BJJ class he has also done Muay Thai, boxing he has been and is in the Black Belt Club and next month will be in the Masters Club. He has attended the summer camp program and he is attending the after school program right now. Eli loves coming here, it’s hard for me to get him to leave. Everyday after school when I come to pick him up he always asks to stay more. He has so much fun with the kids and coaches. For me there are some things that I love about the school itself and the programs that Master Roberto runs. I have had Eli in a standard after school program from school and run into problems where Eli has been in altercations with other students at the normal after school program at Seagate were 4th graders picked on him. The staff are basically kids that are not really looking to watch out after Eli. So when I choose the after school program here at THird Law I absolutely love it cause they pick up kids from school, they work with them on their home work, they make sure all their home work is done and work with them on their extra curricular activities. They give them extra rading book and extra learning books to work on. Roberto has set up a go getters club where the kids that advance and show the most development get to go to room where they train even more, work harder, play chess, they have educational games on the iPad. Everything that Roberto does there and the staff is for the growth of the children both for the physical and mental state and I just don’t anything but good words to say about the school and the staff. And I recommend this place to everybody that i talk to. Thank you very much for establishing this business and taking care of us.

One other things that I love that didn’t mention is that with kids taking iPads to school and tablets the biggest issue is kids getting on the internet. I work in IT and the internet is not a safe place for children. Roberto is doing something that no other martial arts school that i know of in the this area that is taking these steps to protect their kids. Roberto is putting in a Firewall that filters content to avoid children ending up on a website or some place they are not supposed to be. Its going to filter google searches, bing searches for content so you never have to worry. As a parent the biggest fear is that something is going to happen to my kid. And I know a Third Law I never have that issue. They pick up my kid from school, they work with him. The environment is safe they have staff that are always watching out and helping them that are very good. And honestly myself as a parent Roberto and the school make my life as a parent 100 times easier. And that I get to spend time with my kids at home because when I get home all their learning and all their extra stuff is done which leaves family time, time for us to bond, we play games and it’s all thanks to Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Its one thing to go to a martial arts school and okay, “ step, kick, step, kick. And another thing to go somewhere where the kid can run around be out playing with another kid their grabbing toys, talking about jiu jitsu, their talking about moves, their talking about home work. You know they are keeping themselves engaged and they have so much fun doing it.

He’s got a ping pong table he’s got a air hockey table, all kinds of super heroes. The stuff that Roberto has here he make the kids….growing up that stuff that made me learn where the things that go me actively engaged in doing things like. Even playing pool taught me about angles, playing ping pong taught me flexibility. Without even knowing the kids are absorbing all this. What I love about Roberto and Katy they are very educated. They know the child’s brain develops and learns and picks up stuff from all around the environment that that child is in. Everything her is social the kids get along well together they play together they share. I mean there are brain teasers, brain quest, board games, pokemon card; Roberto bought Pokemon cards, be blades. The kids they have an environment where they just play together they can be kids they can enjoy life. And really that is what it is all about. If the kid is happy and learning they are always growing without having to ever tell them do this or do that. They are actively engaging the child. It’s a great school! That’s all I can say. I sum it up with a couple of words, “Third Law is Awesome. That is it!”

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