“No Video Games They Are More Involved Hands On”

“My name is Bill Ivan, we live here in Naples, and this is three of my four children. Two are in Third Law, they are doing the Jiu Jitsu program, they are doing the After School Program and they are also doing the Summer Camp Program.”

“I grew up with discipline. I grew up with martial arts, and I’m just a firm believer in structure. My son Devon is a yellow belt and my daughter Lexi just started and she’s a white belt, and they both get a lot of structure from the program.”

“We love the After School Program. Master Roberto, Coach Katy, Coach Joe, Coach Peter, Coach Rachel do a great job of making them get their homework done, making sure they have a lot of fun and also doing some Jiu Jitsu in the mean time.”

“For us, the After School Program in Collier County system was more about playing video games – really no structure. Here, no video games, they’re more involved with hands on. Obviously, they get their homework done. There are some many different facets that you all offer, but for the Jiu Jitsu is more of the discipline that my daughter might not hear it. Its more of the structure, For After school both Roberto and Katy are Ivy League students – graduates and to having my kids tutored is a huge plus for us.”

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