“with your help, I have no doubt we will pull him through”

I wanted to send you a thank you for all you did yesterday with Max and his writing, and spelling.  As you know he is a little (O.K… a lot) behind in this department, but with your help, I have no doubt we will pull him through…..
Max brining home perfect scores

Max brining home perfect scores and has learned to be a diligent student.

We appreciate this effort on your part.  Max will have to keep fighting.  He comes home and Corey is doing another couple hours of work with him at the house, but without your help, I don’t see how we would get enough work done.
Of course when I am home, I work with him as well.  I can not believe the amount of time “studying” takes with a second grader.  Hearing from someone besides us as to how important this is, is extremely important as well.  Something seems to have snapped in him yesterday.  Corey is very excited.  He was proud of his progress…

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks and keep up the good work.   Thanks KATY, MASTER ROBERTO, RACHEL & COACH JOE and JOEY!!!!

From Keith Walton, father of Max Walton, grade 2

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