BeyBlade Tournament!

After Go-Getter time (work time) is through and all of their homework is done, the kids excited anticipate what comes next – Blast Time! This is when the children get to unwind and play fun games. While Blast Time could include any number of fun activities available at our martial arts school, one of our most popular games is the BeyBlade tournament.

The brightly colored spinning tops made our of metal and plastic are the latest craze among the children. There are hundreds of different designs and each one they can break apart and create their very own unique Blade. With the different face bolts, metal fusion wheels, energy rings, spin tracks and performance tips the possibilities are virtually endless.

The main idea behind BeyBlades is to battle several of them against each other in a stadium. Whichever BeyBlade is left spinning is the winner. Of, course, this is bound to get very competitive, all of the children love to play and battle with one another. Each BeyBlade team has specialists who are vital to the group, then brackets are created. Once the matches are made the battlers face off for the ultimate championship of BeyBlades. These little spinning tops provide so much entertainment for the children, its a great way for them to relax and have fun after a long day of school and homework.

Kids love to spend free time battling BeyBlades!

Kids love to spend free time battling BeyBlades!

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