A+ Students!

One of our main goals here at our After School program is to help children to learn and to improve their grades. In this past year we had three students go above and beyond by getting perfect grades on their fourth quarter report cards.


While report cards aren’t necessarily a measure of intelligence; they are a measure of comprehension of the grades’ curriculum material. Mastery of this information ensures that a child will be more than ready to advance to the next grade.

report cards 5

One of our A+ students was a kindergarten grade boy. He improved in all subjects but most noticeably in reading. In the beginning of the year, he struggled reading basic sight words. Through lots of reading and hands-on work, he has mastered sight words. He is now reading basic chapter books with very minimal help.

Our students have shown great improvements throughout the year!

A first grade boy also earned a perfect score on his report card. His mathematics skills increased substantially. When he first started the first grade he was at an average, acceptable level in math. We saw that he had a passion for math and that he really enjoyed it, so we took advantage of the opportunity. He now completes third and fourth grade math with ease. His teacher was very surprised with his understanding on the material.

report cards 3

Our students have shown great improvements throughout the year!

All of our children made drastic improvements in their grades during the school year. One of the boys who received a perfect report card was a second grader who drastically improved his writing. Several aspects of writing improved a lot for him his handwriting, development of stories, proper grammar and sentence structure. We had him work on reading stories and then writing a paper about how the story would continue if it were longer. This exercise showed his understanding of the plot and characters, while practicing his grammar and handwriting. He showed great strides in all areas, and he’s sure to be a top student in the third grade as well.

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