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Dear Parent,

I’m writing you this letter today to talk with you about something that’s probably more important to you than anything else in your entire life. Your child. There’s an ALARMING trend in after school / day care happening right now in the United States, but more importantly it’s happening right here in Collier county. Actually it’s becoming such a problem that I’m 100% sure if you COULD you would STOP letting your child attend day care or after school programs.

Unfortunately “the bills must get paid” so not putting your child in daycare or in an afterschool program isn’t a realistic option. But either way you really need to have a look at this…

With more and more two job families and single parent homes there is no way to avoid having someone safe to leave your child with after school. Obviously in a “perfect world” every child would be home with mom and or dad after school but there’s a little thing called “bills” that we adults have to deal with in “real life” that make the “perfect world” scenario… impossible.

And it’s because of this FACT that I created:

  • The ONLY After School Program Designed
  • To Be MORE Than Just A ‘Babysitter’ For Your Child.
  • You LOVE Your Child
  • Instead Of Feeling “Guilty” For Sending Your Child
  • To Day Care To Just Be “Babysat” While “Killing Time” After School
  • You DESERVE The COMFORT, FREEDOM & PEACE of MIND that comes with
  • Feeling Like You’re Providing Your Child With
  • “The BEST Opportunity ANY Child Has EVER Had!”

Let’s face it, most after school programs accomplish ONE thing for parents…

1) It’s a safe place your child will be out of harms way (hopefully)

But what if…

Your Child Deserves Better
Your Child WANTS Better
Your Child NEEDS Better

“Babysitting” type after school programs and daycare can be lifesavers in a pinch or if it’s the only option available. But when you consider the FACT that your child is going to spend roughly 200 days in school this year. And 3-4 hours after school everyday will be spent somewhere other than with you while you honorably and admirably “pay the bills”… That’s 600-800 HOURS they’ll spend this year alone, with strangers or with children who may not be a positive influence.

Just to give you a sense of how important that 600-800 hours REALLY is… consider this…

Do you want them spending that time just messing around with other kids who could be negatively influencing them? Do you want them spending that time on YouTube? Facebook? Television? Just participating in activities that result in little more than “killing time” or “falling behind”…

Obviously when faced with giving your child a HUGE advantage in the world or just sending them to a run of the mill daycare/after school program EVERY loving parent would choose 600-800 hours with trained instructors who have a personal interest in your child’s success both in and out of the classroom. Both NOW and in the future as they grow… THAT’s where everyone who cares about their child him/her to spend that 600-800 hours this next school year.

But it’s not always that simple.

While parents like you WANT these privileges and opportunities for their child, there is not always room in my after school program for new kids to come in…. and that’s why you’re reading this letter.

If you agree that a…

  • pro-active
  • activity centered
  • child development focused
  • personalized DAILY attention
  • customized curriculum designed JUST for your child

… if that type of after school program is what YOU want for YOUR child then keep reading because at the end of this letter I’ve got an invitation for you to get your child admitted to one of the final openings in my exclusive after school program.

Listen To What This Parent Has To Say…

Here’s What You & Your Child Can Expect EVERY DAY When Your Child Is An Exclusive Member Of The Team Third Law Martial Arts Academy After School Program

We’ll pick your child up from school and bring him/her directly to the academy after school program. I don’t EVER want you to worry about your child needing a ride!

Here are just a handful of 24 concepts, tools & skills your child will learn in his/her completely customized and personalized after school curriculum

  1. How to complete homework quickly, accurately & CORRECTLY
  2. How to set and achieve goals
  3. How to create a plan to accomplish anything
  4. How to work harder AND smarter
  5. How to deal with setbacks and persevere until a goal is achieved
  6. Once your goal is attained… how to set higher and better goals for consistent improvement and success
  7. How to improve focus and concentration by following our “Rules Of Concentration”
  8. Radical increase in self esteem and confidence
  9. Discover the benefits and skills needed to have SELF-discipline in any situation
  10. How to use SELF-discipline to RADICALLY increase grades
  11. How to make sure any failure or loss is turned into a future success
  12. How to have the self confidence and self discipline to say “NO” to drugs, alcohol & other negative influences in life
  13. Stranger Danger training. How to spot and avoid dangerous situations. What to do if danger is unavoidable.
  14. Sportsmanship
  15. Honesty
  16. How to make friends who ONLY have a POSITIVE influence
  17. Significant increase in motor skills, coordination and athleticism
  18. How to become IMMUNE to peer pressure
  19. How to defend him/herself
  20. How to handle bullies
  21. Life skills your child will use for the rest of his/her lifetime
  22. And that’s just barely scratching the surface…
  23. Your child’s curriculum is custom designed for his/her unique skills, abilities, aptitudes & interests… NO “cookie cutter curriculum” allowed!

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Why Is My After School Kids Empowerment Program DIFFERENT Than Any Other After School Program In Naples Or Collier County?


Most after school programs in Naples are designed for ONE thing… to (hopefully) give a child a reasonably safe place to “kill time” until mom or dad gets home from work.

My After School Kids Empowerment Program is designed to give a child a TRULY safe, exciting and energizing place to go after school to learn the skills he/she will need to compete and succeed in the real world and in real LIFE!

Your Child’s (EVERY Child’s) Success in Life Starts With TWO Things…

Staying OUT of TROUBLE so they have a chance to grow up and succeed…

Kids only get in trouble for 3 reasons:

  • boredom
  • hanging out with the wrong crowd
  • not being self-confident & self-disciplined enough to make better choices

My after school program is designed to keep kids productive during that 4200 hours they spend after school. Boredom isn’t possible when you’re learning, thriving and having fun everyday.

All the kids in my program are hand picked. There are NO troublemakers in the bunch. Why? Simple. We teach kids how to be strong and positive influences in each other’s lives.

The 2nd requirement for success in life is having the SKILLS & DRIVE needed to succeed.

My after school program and the personalized curriculum for your child is specifically designed to give your child the unique skillsets he/she will need to succeed in life. Self-Confidence & Self-Discipline being two of the most important of those skills.

Additionally your child’s education is their “ticket” to wherever the want to go and whatever they want to be when they grow up. Seeing to it that all their homework is not only DONE but DONE well is a critical aspect of our program. There’s a lot of “fun and games” built into the program but ALL the “fun and games” revolve around your child LEARNING how to become the best person they can be physically, mentally, emotionally & scholastically.

I know for a fact that no other after school program of any kind in Naples offers this level of attention, focus and personalization.

All you need to do is call 239-628-3529 right now, speak with a member of my After School Program enrollment team & schedule a time to come by and see if my after school program is truly a “perfect fit” for you and your child. I look forward to meeting you and your child,

Roberto Torralbas
Head Coach, Team Third Law

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